Creditors' Portal Maintenance (The portal failed to respond)

This also applies for banking integration

The portal service (the mechanism to send messages to the portal website) is designed to be up all the time and restart if it stops, but, if you're trying to post a job up to the portal and nothing is happening (or you're seeing an error indicating that the portal is failing to respond) then it's time to look to see whether the service has stopped running.

Here are a few tests for your system admin to make sure that everything is running:

On the machine that is running the portal service, open the Services application and locate InsolDataSync.

The InsolDataSync service should be "Running" and set to automatic (delayed start).

To restart it, right click and select Start.

The service is now running.

Possible cause for the service stopping:

Make sure the user account assigned to the service is a "service account". If the machine hosting the InsolDataSync service is restarted for any reason, the service will not restart unless the user assigned to the service is a "service account". This can be set up in Active Directory in User Maintenance. A special user account is normally set up just to administer this InsolDataSync service.

The user account also needs the requisite permissions (such as access to the document folders).

Error logs are kept in the Insol log accessible under the UberConsole:

The log may allow you to determine why the service stopped and the events surrounding the service stopping.

If the service is not running users would most likely experience this error:


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