End of Administration return(EAR) - FEG and Dividend payments


What is reported in the Details of Payments?

FEG payments. You can record the payments made by FEG in MYOB Insolvency by running the FEG wizard OR you can manually enter the figures in on this screen during the Form 5603 wizard. Please note manual changes are not stored for future returns. You will need to enter your manual changes with each run.

Wages payments made during a trading period for example are not recorded here.

Why are my priority dividend payments separated now?

It is a requirement of the Forms 5602, 5603

How can I check what is reporting on this page?

To review the creditor payments click on Creditors at the top of the screen to be taken to the creditors claims page.

You will be directed straight to the Secured Creditors claim screen. To view other creditor class's simply click on the class you wish to review.


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