Insolvency Law Reform Act Changes March 2017 (Official Liquidators' Register) Job type changes to Court Liquidation

The official liquidator register will be phased out in preference for the register of liquidators from 1 March 2017. As a result some of the terminology will change in the software.

Official Liquidations:

The name of external administrations presently referred to as "Official Liquidation" will change to "Court Liquidation" as well as the following changes:

Appointee Description

Will change from "Official Liquidator" to "Liquidator".

Appointees Description Official Liquidators
Will change from "Official Liquidators" to "Liquidators".

Appointee Liability Account Name
Will change from "Liability to Official Liquidator" to "Liability to Liquidator".

Clients should review any hard-coded references to this terminology in their custom document templates.


All instances of "Official Liquidator" have been replaced with "Liquidator".


Attached is a hotfix that will update your database. This will rename Official Liquidation and all the appointee titles to Court Liquidation.


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