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 A new home page presents a guide of the lodging requirements for transitional arrangements for receipts and payments lodgements.

The initial estimated lodgement dates are calculated from the commencement date.  Additional Tasks Groups have been added for "Lodgements (AAR)" and "Lodgements (EAR)" and if task have been added (or imported) then the dates of tasks for these groups can change the calculated due date on the home page.

Form 524:

All jobs will need to complete either one or two Form 524s, depending upon the anniversary date of their commencement. A job needs to report a full year cycle for the first AAR, so, if a job commences between Mar-Sep there will be two remaining 524s.

The "Most Recent 524 Task" column provides a link to the most recent task where it exists. If a task does not exists in the task group "Lodgements (ASIC 524)" you will not see a link to a task.

If the task, belonging to the task group Lodgements (ASIC 524), is completed then the home page will show the next relevant return that is due.

Note: you have to enter this task and mark it complete, for the system to calculate the next type of return due. 

If the next task is a second 524 task, then the "Next Due Date" will be recalculated for 6 months time and  "Completed" text appears in the "Most Recent 524 task" column.

Annual Administration Return:

The AAR will commence from 1 December 2018.

If you enter a new jobs, the home page will show an AAR due.
If you have completed all the remaining Form 524s the home page will show an AAR due.

End of Administration Return:

From 1 September 2017, the EAR will be due 1 month after the completion of a Job.

If you enter a Lodgements (EAR) task which is due before the next 524 or AAR then the EAR will be due.


By default the home page shows the return due over the next 3 months.

By clicking the "View All" button the view will refresh to show all returns due.









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