Insolvency Release 2017.08 Addenda

The following issues have been resolved with release 2017.08 (5.0.67):

Issue  Date 
SQL script error running on SQL 2008 R2 - SQL 2008 R2 is no longer a supported product, but the script has not been made compatible 5/09/17
Editing receipts when a payment type has previously been selected selected caused error 5/09/17
Cheque numbers not populating when entering cheques caused by new BPAY/EFT options 5/09/17
Error loading Bank reconciliations when a bank reconciliation was incomplete and transaction had changed after the reconciliation was saved. 5/09/17
Submitting 524s XML "expenses with GST (inc tax)" appended to an output node in XML caused error when uploading to Registered Liquidator portal. 5/09/17
Error adding counterparty where existing match for name and address 5/09/17
Change to RATA reason [RF_RATA_REASON]. 5/09/17
5603 EAR XML output creating a blank dividend node caused error when uploading to RL portal. 5/09/17
R&P Balance transfer entries reporting incorrectly 6/09/17
Users without edit bank details were incorrectly prompted when entering an EFT payment 7/09/17
RF_SIGNATURE is now blanked if document approvals not enabled and appointee does not have a digital signature 10/9/17
5603 ERA XML - Incorrect commencement date and start date being reported on summary report 11/09/17
Errors merging documents under certain circumstances - merge codes and RF codes not populating or document in use error 11/09/17
BAS wizard - cash accounts with transactions are required to be reconciled, but are not listed for reconciliation 12/09/17 
Importing shareholders - shareholdings not being created 12/09/17
Meeting attendance register - fields transposed 13/09/17












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