Insolvency Release 2017.10 Addenda

An insolvency software update is available for download as release 2017.10.


The insolvency software release may be downloaded from the MYOB downloads site


The content of the releases includes:

  • ARITA Templates
  • A range of other software improvements and bug fixes

ARITA Templates

The Australian Restructuring, Insolvency and Turnaround Association (ARITA) provides standard precedent templates to member subscribers. The ARITA templates have been added to the software and the templates updated with standard software merge codes and replace fields. If you subscribe to the ARITA templates you can contact support and we will provide you with access to the updated ARITA templates.


Other improvements

A range of other software improvements and bug fixes are provided as listed:


·         Allow user to send document authorisation task if user producing has permission to authorise documents

·         Auto populate BPAY payer details on a CP basis and account number details on a per job basis

·         Clean up document despatch and authorisation request tasks if they are sent to another user to authorise

·         Allow drag and drop of documents onto the document tab in a task

·         Preserve cheque number when updating payment method to EFT

·         Update the 2018 public holidays

·         Add BPAY Output file format

·         Fix warning message incorrectly appearing "The total of the tax amounts entered in the PAYG detail () do not equal the total tax amount being withheld" when updating an accounts payable entry paid via BPAY

·         Cheque tab on print cheques form disappears after previewing a requisition

·         Allow adding job contact during document production

·         Add Payment method type (Cheque / BPAY / EFT / OTT) on payment request

·         Apostrophe in the name of the job causes incorrect syntax near 's' error when creating Form 5603 lodgement output

·         Red validation warning at end of RATA/SOA wizard 'Enter rata reason' prevents users from producing Statement of Affairs for Bankruptcy

·         Unable to update 'pay from account' when entering a new accounts payable transaction, the entry saves with the original AP account

·         Fee approval amounts in Form 5603 entered in wizard updated to include GST

·         ASIC require the rate calculation to be the total amounts paid to a creditor class divided by the total claims, calculation of dividend rate updated

·         Allow drill down to voting proxy from creditor record

·         Enable Quick Preview of documents

·         Allow deletion of a creditor if a document has been prepared for them

·         Enable multi-select and delete of a range of selected tasks

·         Add filtering for make supplier payment for different payment methods All/EFT/BPAY

·         Change title of EAR Wizard 'details of payments' section to read 'Payments under FEG scheme'

·         Add Replace field code [RF_MEETING_DESCRIPTION_LOWER]

·         Correct final authorisation stage incorrectly set to ticked as part of the upgrade

·         When importing creditors and employees, the BSB field was interpreting some numbers with a hyphen as a date value

·         Provide a digital certificate to validate the authenticity of the application EXE

·         Increasing timeout for internal SMTP email client to avoid Void server response message not sent

·         Include external appointees on the EAR output

·         Ensure that when merging to email recipients the contact's email is selected as the recipient

·         Add meeting replace fields for proposals without meeting

·         When changing the document signatory ensure the output selection page is displayed so any changes to the selected signatory populate in the output documents

·         Permit copy and paste from payee field after using the counterparty lookup when making a payment

·         Default entry date to the date last entered when clicking 'save and new' of an accounts receivable entry

·         Ensure clicking on a task template action opens the task template document

·         Populate the list of signatories when producing Form 549

·         Ensure imported creditors and counterparties appear in payee lookup when entering a transaction

·         Avoid automatically picking up nested square brackets up as replace fields in the document production wizard

·         Ensure bankrupt's address auto populates when receiving payment

·         Ensure payee reference is populated on job requisition when entered into practice trust account

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