Creditors' portal access permissions

Publishing a Job

If you have permission to 'Administer Web Portal' then you can upload the job to the portal.



Documents need to be approved before they are posted to the portal. Once approved and the document access level set (public document or creditor access) then the document may be published. The following permission is required to publish to the portal.



You need creditor 'add' and 'edit' permission to be able to upload creditors to the portal.


Getting Starting

When you first upload a job on the portal, you won't be able to see this job on the portal unless you are a creditor or you select "Public Access" on the portal tab.

Start off by selecting "Public Access" on the portal tab, upload the job and then you can see how the job appears on the portal.

If you want to see a creditor's view of the portal, then, add yourself as a creditor with a Nil claim and use an external email address (you internal email address would identify you as a practice user).

Once you're happy with how creditors appears on the website, you can "Take down" your creditor record and delete your creditor.

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