Checklist for answering a support query

Recording the ticket

Have you recorded the client name, the user's practice? Is the client organisation set up correctly?

Does the user know how to report a support issue?

Changing the title of the ticket.

Record the environment?

What is the version of the software?

Has a hot fix been released for this version?

Recording the error

Is there an error message? See identifying the error message.

Is there system warning that explains the problem?

Can you reproduce the error and document the steps 1,2,3 etc.

Is the issue specific to a job? does the same issue happen for all jobs?

Is the issue specific to a user? Do other users experience the same issue?

Does the error relate to an transaction? What is the transaction ID, ask for a screenshot of the transaction.

Is the issue in relation to a report? Record the exact report name.

Installation problems.

Searching for a solution

Search the knowledge base. Is it a known issue?

Search previous support issues (this is why it is important to record the issue properly)

Search Google.

Is there a workaround?

Do we need copy of the client data?

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