How to process Superannuation contributions (SGC) using Superstream

You have a choice of producing a direct payment SAFF file or going through a clearing house (CH method). OzEdi is the only clearing house we currently deal with. The differences between the two methods are summarised below.

The direct payment SAFF doesn’t have pre-validated superfund details, pre-validated bank account details or validated payment references verified by the superfunds in advance. Once you have entered the superfund remittance with the correct details for the correct fund, you upload the file to the super fund.

Clearing House method – once you have made the payroll payments, you upload the file to the clearing house, they tell you the payments to make to which payees and bank accounts and with which references. You then enter the superfund remittances and tell the CH to release the file to each superfund.

The Clearing House method saves a lot of work, but requires enrolling with the OzEdi clearing house. To use either method you navigate to

❶Reports and Forms

❷Payroll Reports

❸ SuperStream SAFF Wizard as follows:


Note. Where there hasn't been a previous SuperStream lodgement, the period is from the job start date to either the job end date or the current date if the end date hasn't been entered. This will cover non-trading type scenarios for remitting the super form dividends.

In respect to the dates that need to be entered in section 2. Remitted, if no payment has been remitted:

If you haven't entered any payments it won't make any difference and should just be the same period as the withheld.  If payments have been made then it should also cover the period in which the payments have been made.

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Please click on the link below to see the release notes and instructions on Superstream, including how to process payments.

Superstream data & Payment Standard

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