Entering default bank account details for a Counterparty

You may enter default bank details for a Counterparty. The bank details for counterparties have been expanded in Version 5.0. 

To edit counterparty bank details:

1. From the Main Menu open the Counterparties 

Type the counterparty name into the Counterparty Search, and click "Search".

The Counterparty Search results appear

2. Double click on the Counterparty you want to edit

The Counterparty form appears to the right of the screen

3. To the banking details click on the Banking & Advanced tab

A Creditor's Counterparty Bank Details can be set in the Counterparty record under the Banking & Advanced tab, as displayed:

Note: You will need rights to edit bank details for Counterparties ticked for your role OR

Counterparty Administrator rights (found under System Security) in the user profile. 


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