Prerequisites for setting up the Creditors' Portal

The InsolDataSync Service will be installed by Insolvency Support agents remotely on your Test and Production systems.

The prerequisites are listed as follows:

  1. Make sure you're running the latest version of software

    An Insol2 database updated to the latest version (current install)

  2. Set up an "InsolDataSync" user account

    An AD User with Service Accounts is required on your server for the InsolDataSync services to run. We recommend that you name this AD user account "InsolDataSync".

    The service account will need access to SMTP, SQL and Azure (https 443) ports, have access to the insolvency client document folders, full access to write log files in installation folder (c:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB\InsolDataSync\), write to the Event Application Log, and "Logon as a Service" privileges.

    A service will need to be installed on a Windows Server. This can be the SQL Database Server machine. Installation will download the latest Microsoft DotNet Framework and requires permission to the internet.
  3. Ensure your Document Folders use UNC addresses

    The document folders will need to use UNC addresses as a service does not logon in a way it can interpret mapped drives. 

    The document template folders may be updated in the Application Settings accessible from the Main menu.

    You will also need to be aware that jobs enabled on the portal will need to use UNC paths to upload documents. 

    Insolvency Support can provide SQL Scripts to update job paths. The following SQL results need to be emailed to Insolvency Support: 
    select DISTINCT Left(Setting,3) as DriveLetterApplicationSetting from ApplicationSetting where Setting like '%:\%'; 
    select DISTINCT Left(Setting,3) as DriveLetterAdminSetting from AdminSetting where Setting like '%:\%'; 
    select DISTINCT Left(Setting,3) as DriveLetterUserSetting from UserSetting where Setting like '%:\%' ;
    select DISTINCT Left(DocumentFolder,3) as AdminDocumentFolder, p.PracticeName from Admin a inner join Practice p on a.PracticeID=p.PracticeID where DocumentFolder like '%:\%' and AdminID > 1000  AND NOT AdminTypeID in (1000) and DocumentFolder IS NOT NULL ;
    select DISTINCT Left(path,3) DocPath, a.ShortName from Document d inner join [Admin] a on d.AdminID=a.AdminID where d.Path is not null and a.AdminStatusID NOT IN (2,3,4) and Path like '%:\%';

    When new jobs are created make sure they are created with UNC addresses and users can access the folders.
  4. InsolDataSync service requires 2 SQL users to transfer data between your database and the creditors' portal. SQL Login names should be: insolStartUser and insolSubscribeUser.  As part of the configuration we provide scripts to set up the users (a DBA can execute).

  5. Adding Your Practice 

    Your unique Practice Id is required to be posted on the Creditors' Portal database, please supply the results of this query:

    SELECT UID, * from Admin WHERE AdminID = 1 and PracticeID = 1

  6. Make sure the version of SQL is adequate

    We recommended you run SQL Version 2016 or later.

    The minimum version is:

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SP1) - 10.50.2500.0 (X64) Jun 17 2011 00:54:03 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation Express Edition with Advanced Services (64-bit) on Windows NT 6.1 <X64> (Build 7601: Service Pack 1) (Hypervisor)

  7. The service installation will be performed by a Support agent who will need to logon to the SQL Server Machine with admin privileges to complete the installation.

    Note RE: UNC paths: There is a "hack" to enable a service to read mapped drives but it is best avoided as subsequent changes would have to be managed by undoing any hacks.

    Detailed installation steps: Instructions-to-setup-the-creditors-portal-technical-guide.




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