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Completion Statistics

From the Home Page-> Task Summary click on Task completion Statistics to access the Task Statistics Report.

The statistics are based on all tasks, even if you don't have user permissions to access the jobs. You may drill down to the detail of the tasks (but you need access to edit).

If you change the Quarter Ending period you will see the task compliance statistics 'As At' the end of the nominated quarter. This way you can compare performance over time. If you implement improvements in processes you will be able to measure the On time completion rates as compared to later periods.

Task Reports

Another way to see the task completion efficiency is to use the task report filters. A report that may be relevant to see tasks across multiple jobs is the Task Listing by Group.

Using the advanced filters you can see, for example:

  • Tasks that were completed late, and specify the number of days late.
  • Tasks that were Incomplete as at 31/03/2016 and compare that to a report filtered as at 31/09/2017. To see any reduction or growth for a monitored period.
  • See all the tasks that are overdue by 90 days.

You may combine these filters with other filters (such as focusing on one Task Group) or use the Task Listing by User to identify trends for individuals. 

Task Filters

You can also add page filters for tasks that suit your role.








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