How to enter super fund details into an employee / creditor record

This covers the situation where an employee dividend is paid directly to a superfund.

Enter the superannuation details via the Employee screen

1. Open the Preferred Creditors Claim screen

2. Double click to open the employee to be updated

3. Click on the Superannuation button

4. Click on the drop down to select or add a superannuation fund

a) Using an existing Superannuation Fund

5. Enter the super account number

6. * Only enter a rate if you want to over-ride the system defined super rate of 9.5%

Click OK

b) Setting up a new superannuation fund from this screens.

From the Superannuation Fund drop down menu select <Add New Super Fund>.

Click on the Fund Manager drop down arrow and select <Add New Fund Manager>.

In the counterparty window that opens enter the ABN of the fund then click on the ellipsis. 

An online lookup window opens with a list of superannuation legal and business names associated with that ABN.

Click on the tick Use selected box to auto complete the Fund Managers Name  ❷.

You will need to complete the address and contact details.

Click Save  ❸.

You will return to the Super Fund entry screen.

Complete the remaining Super fund details and click OK

NB You will need MYOB Administrator or Counterparty Administrator permissions to enter Super fund banking details


You will return to the Employee Superannuation Fund detail screen.

Enter the Employees Account number (as per steps 5 and 6) and click OK







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