Release 2018.07 Addendum (Hotfixed issues as at 01/2019)


5.1.33 - 5.1.36 11-7-2018

When printing a payment request from a BPAY accounts payable, the BPAY details were not displaying correctly.

The word FBT incorrectly appearing in the FBT summary section in the INB PAYG payment summary report.

Lump Sum A type now correctly populating the INB PAYG payment summary report.

The lowest numbered signatory is reported as the authorised person the payment summaries.

Warning: Null Value is eliminated by an aggregate or other set operation when producing INB PAYG payment summary report.

Duplicate records appear on the Payment Summary Report when there is an ETP payment

5.1.37 - 5.1.41 19-7-18

Forms 5602 and 5603 - Summary of receipts reports costs linked to post appt A/R reports as Property Realisation and Preservation Costs not other costs of realisation

ETP recipients excluded from the INB Payment Summary Report.

Forms 524/5602/5603 - Excluded employee rejected priority unsecured claim not appearing on creditor summary

Form 5602/5603 summary report incorrectly reporting where only two payments of same category in job

5.1.42 01-08-18

Bankruptcy AER petitioning creditor costs to appear in other non -costs. Receipts to trading expense - no realisation charge

5.1.43 02-08-18

Fees relating to a previous job stage were not appearing in the remuneration summary when the fees were paid from a later job stage


Added column task group type (statutory/admin/KPI) to all task reports' data sources

5.1.45 - 08-08-18

STP Post Code field validation

5.1.46 - 16-08-18

STP Post Code field validation totals

Online Meetings enable functionality

5.1.47 - 29-08-18

Receipts and Payments Compliance Home Page first 524 task date now picked up correctly.

5.1.48 - 15-10-18

Duplicate contact numbers arising from multiple database consolidations have been eliminated

Form 5602 Estimated future asset realisations are not reducing by amounts already realised in a previous job stage eg: VA to CVL.

Form 5602 Assets entered with and ERV High > $0.00 and ERV Low = $0.00 were not being included in estimated future realisations if no amounts had been realised against the asset.

Form 5602 Approved costs were being included in the approved fees amount.

5.1.49 - 16-10-18

Form 5602.  When an estimated dividend rate is entered, but no dividend has already been paid, the estimated dividend does not report on the 5602 summary

5.1.50 - 19-10-18

Form 5602.  Violation of unique key constraint error occurs where an asset realisation account and cost of realisation account with the same name exist.

Adding an overdraft limit to a second bank account with an identical to and from date results in a duplicate key error

5.1.51 - 31-10-18

BAS wizard - fixed invalid length parameter passed to substring function error caused by superannuation remittance payments allocated to employees.

Creditor wizard - improved load speed for large creditor data sets.

Document production wizard - improved load speed for large creditor data sets.

Home page: Compliance changes Receipts and Payments, ordering.

5.1.52 - 6-11-18

Fixed column definition error running Creditor Claim Type Summary report

5.1.53 - 14/11/2018

BAS entries without tax codes report includes unposted batch transactions, fixed.

ROCAP documents and schedules.

5.1.54 15-11-18

ABA file fix - Apostrophe in payee name causing error

5.1.55 20-11-18

Informal creditor claims submitted from portal were creating claim amounts when none should have been created.

Creditors submitting claims from portal where no existing claim exists, capture reference being incorrectly updated.

5.1.56 20-11-18

Legacy Payment Summaries, where INB and ETP payment correctly include the employees for the payment summary outputs.

Changes to XML encoding function to eliminate bad characters entered into the "Payee" field.


Notification to nominated portal contact (practice user) when creditor submits claim online.



5.1.42 - 20-7-18

Meetings - Unable to edit creditor votes for proposals without meetings, fixed

Meetings - Proposal without meeting - responder voting detail report modified to contain information required to lodge Form 5022, fixed

Superstream SAFF files being produced without first column

Issue entering when preparing a Form 5602 - cannot enter reasons for delay, fixed

Form 5602 wizard - Estimated date of completion and reasons for delay page being skipped for court liquidations instead of provisional liquidations

5.1.43 - 01-08-18

SMTP IPv6 address failover implemented


5.1.48 14-9-18

Form 5602 Summary report header states incorrect from date.  The date in the body of the report is correct.

Form 5602 R&P summary section includes totals relating the the prior periods, not just the current period.

Form 5602 - Detailed R&P summary report is reporting transactions for the whole period of the appointment, not just the last 12 month period.  Note that only the report created for sign-off purposes is affected.  The data submitted to ASIC is correct

5.1.50 26-10-18
Cheque printing - added field PayeeAndAmount to all cheque outputs.  This produces the output *Payee name***#.##***ONLY
5.1.51 31-10-18
Improved load speed for large creditor data sets creditor register and document production wizard
 5.1.54 23-11-18
Update to bring user interface creditor display in line with creditor portal mailing options.
Ability to send email and produce hard copy to recipients in a single run. Allows for efficient sending of large numbers of emails in a separate disconnected process (that doesn't lock up your workstation).
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