How to record a Write-Off for Accounts Receivable Pre-Appointment

1. From Financials - Assets click on Accounts Receivable (Pre-Appointment). Open the debtor you are wanting to write off

Click Write-Off

The amount will be written off as at todays date.

2.Debtor will now show an Asset Status: Written-Off

The written off amount will appear in the Written-off Column in the Debtor Collection Status Detail reports.

3. If you have mistakenly written off the debtor you can reverse the write off by clicking on Change and the debtor will revert back to its previous status

4. From v2019.03 the system now presents an adjustment (Write-Off) as-at date dialogue instead of defaulting to the current date. If you are entering a write-off during the F5602/5603 wizard the date will default to the end date of the reporting period being run however you can change this if required.

Pre v2019.03 you will need to change the date of the Write-Off as follows. Note you will need to be logged into the application with Administration rights.

Click on Financials->Accounts->Accounts Receivable (Pre-Appointment). 

Double click on the write off entry to open it.

Change the date 

Click on File-> Save without validation

You will notice the date has changed

Click on cancel to exit the entry screen

Part Write Off of an Invoice

If you want to write-off part of an invoice before it has been realised you will need to enter a credit note.


2. Enter your entry as per below example. NB The customer must be the same name as the debtor receiving the credit.

If there are no GST implications on your Pre-Appointment debtors leave the tax code blank and the tax column as 0.00

If you are tax implications on your Pre-Appointment debtors and:
You are running CASH BAS the credit will be picked up when you realise the balance of the invoice is realised. 
You are running ACCRUAL BAS the credit will be picked up in the BAS period the credit note relates to.
NB The entry will not appear in the Write Off column in any report.



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