BAS Lodgement: Managing, preparing and lodging business activity statements via SBR (Summary)

Preparing business activity statements (BAS) are separated into the following processes:

Home page compliance monitoring

A centralised home page allows you to view/track all which jobs require BAS preparation.

See: business activity statements - managing compliance

Task management

Use tasks to track which BAS are due and assign a user responsible for BAS preparation. Using the task actions you can initiate BAS production centrally from the task register. Save specific filtered task views to show BAS returns due.

See: Setting up filtered task views.

System controls

Use the software to ensure proper management of data entry.  The software included compliance monitoring controls such as bank reconciliations and account locking. See more about the aspects of system controls.


See: Setting permissions for BAS lodgement.


Reviewing the BAS outputs

The software allows you to select a customised list of detailed back up as part of the BAS review  and finalisation process.

See: BAS detail report outputs.


ATO integration

To submit BAS electronically, your practice will need to apply for an MyGovID

See: Using MyGovID


 Submit BAS electronically

Submit your BAS returns electronically, directly from within the software.

See: Details on the operation for Electronic BAS lodgement.

Auto generate accounts payable / receivable

Once you lodge your BAS, the software can automatically create your accounts payable or accounts receivable entries for tax liability payable / refund receivable.

Advantages of managing compliance  

The software provides you with additional features that allow you to stay on top of compliance management of BAS returns

See the advantages of using the software to manage compliance detailed here

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