Report on Company Activities and Property (ROCAP)

Insolvency provides an updated workflow to assist the production of Report on Company Activities and Property (ROCAP).

There are several letter packs that have been included with the software that provide options when producing the ROCAP.

1. A blank PDF version

The blank version is based on the ASIC Form 507 which you may downloaded from the ASIC website.

This advantage of using the software version are:

  • the software versions split the PDF documents between Part A and Part B
  • we have creates the required additional schedules as separate XLS documents that you can provide to directors to be completed as part of the form.

You can email these formats to the director(s), who in turn may print out the forms, complete it and sign it. The form will need to be scanned in order to lodge and upload it to the ASIC Liquidators' portal.

2. A blank fillable PDF

This version allows you / or the director to complete the form using an editable PDF. 

The schedules provided are blank but editable. The fields that are pre-populated with the external administrator's information.

As this version contains active content you will need to remove the active content before lodging with ASIC. See the instructions about removing Active Content.


3. A data enriched output

This version of the output can be populated with data including all the schedules. You would use this for creating a "Managing Controllers' report".

See the instructions on this data-driven workflow to complete the ROCAP.


Outputting the documents

The documents are available on the Directors Notices report menu.


Accepting electronic signatures: 

We have requested a ruling from ASIC on the use of electronic signatures provided by the director when signing the ROCAP. So far that has been denied.




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