List of minor bug fixes accompanying 2019.07 release

Home Page

The STP home page displaying "batches waiting to be submitted" now displays the correct information.

Tax Rates Update

New tax rates for employees as at 2019/20.


Software-wide ROCAP terminology updates.


When an Employee's middle name is the same as an Australian state, the software changed the name to upper case. E.g. "Vic" would be updated to "VIC".

Superfund details are added to employee import format. A new import spreadsheet is available in the merge templates distribution files.

ABA Files

An incorrect syntax error occurred when preparing an ABA file where an apostrophe was entered in User Supplying File (job name).

Statutory Returns

A new reporting category has been added to ASIC Form 5602/5603 for "Antecedent Transactions".

The estimated dividend rate appeared as Nil in the receipts and payments wizard if there has been a job transition.

Asset with securities were being duplicated on the Form 5602 Asset backing reports and the asset totals were incorrect.

FEG dividend payments were not reported if they appeared in a prior reporting period.

Annual Administration Returns

Bankruptcy ‘Annual Estate Returns’ have been renamed to ‘Annual Administration Returns’.

Single Touch Payroll

Ad hoc batches (i.e. not generated from payroll) containing employee payments were not being picked up automatically for STP submission.


Added the job folder as a column in the Job Detail Listing report.

Fixed an issue with the Report Security Matrix Permissions by Practice to return the default security matrix when the practice filter is not selected.

Adding a chart of accounts report to include the ASIC reporting category.

Memorised Transactions

The ability to enter memorised transactions from the bank account reconciliation screen has been re-instated.

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