BAS Lodgement: How do you register for BAS Lodgement?

What process allows you to lodge a BAS electronically?

Firstly, you do not need to register the software with the ATO. It is already registered.

If you are talking to the ATO you can advise them the software ID is "EXALT" and the ABN of the software provider 89123591763 is registered in the ATO system. The product name is “MYOB Insolvency” and we submit BAS through SBR1.

When you complete the incapacitated entity form:

and complete this section:


When you complete this form, your ABN should be automatically linked to your Practice's AUSKey / MyGovID.


If your Practice ABN and the AUSKey / MyGovID are not linked you will need to speak to the ATO.

The details of the practitioner lodgement service are outlined here:

The AUSkey/MyGovID help desk on 1300 287 539.

Error when submitting BAS

Incorrect registration or incorrect selection of AusKey or passwords are usually associated with the warning message "Check AUSkey details match the details of the user submitting the information."





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