To receive an over-payment for an account receivable and repay the over-payment

You have received an over-payment and you want to pay back the money, what do you do? For example say the original receipt was 25673.90 and this represented an over-payment of $600.

A receipt has been recorded against an asset:

1. Add a new account

Add a new account "over payment of receivable" (revenue account):

2. Edit the receipt

Edit the original receipt of $25673.90 to record a split entry:
i) $25,073.90 (alloc to pre-appt debtor)
ii) $600.00 (account: over payment of receivable)

Assuming the original receipt was allocated to the pre-appointment asset, this receivable will now be partly realised.

3. Edit the accounts receivable asset

a. Make sure the pre-appt asset is part realised.

The asset may be listed as fully realised, open the asset and click "Change" status
The status should now show "part realised".

b. change the ​Actual ERV (Low)

c. After changing the value make sure the asset is marked fully-realised

4. Repay the over-payment

Create a payment:



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