v2019.07 Cumulative Update 1 (version 5.3.21)

To ensure the Insolvency v2019.07 software is kept up to date with any changes and fixes, we provide the following update.

Note: Please ensure that you have the Insolvency software version v2019.07 (v 5.3.18) installed before you apply this update.  You will require administrator rights to apply these updates, so if you do not have these rights, please get your system administrator to action the update.

General instructions on how to update your software are available here.

Server update:  Please download the file "General Hotfix 5.3.21 Cumulative.sql" which is attached to the bottom of this article.  Note that this cumulative update includes all changes contained in the previous cumulative updates.

Workstation update:  A workstation update is not required.

Summary of changes:

Latest server update:  The server update script will increment your server version number as shown in the Help > About menu to v5.3.21.  The 5.3.21 script will also apply update version 5.3.20.  It does not matter if you have already applied version 5.3.20 as the script can be applied multiple times.

Included in the v5.3.21 server update:

  • STP remittance report was counting amounts remitted to employee super funds resulting in a negative amount being reported for employer super guarantee amounts.  This caused the STP lodgement to fail schema validation.

Included in the v5.3.20 server update:

  • Update tasks and merge template file names from RATA to ROCAP
  • Updated the creditor claims by type report to show fully admitted excluded employee claims
  • Updated Batch Detail Listing report to show the Header BSB and Header AccountNo
  • Updated Batch Detail Listing report to added Payee City, Payee State, Payee PCode and Payee Country to the report data
  • Removed the red validation for Clearing House SAFFs where there were no remittances in the report period
  • Exclude FEG Direct payments from Prior Year Payments in the STP reports
  • Employee Wages Rate to include Hourly rates on the Batch Pay Slip report
  • Removed employees without payevnts in the period from full year submit - removed FY submit flagged as not submit from validation
  • The employee termination date wasn't populating properly. Updated end date to termination date on the Employee STP Payment Summary Listing.
  • STP lodgements saving in root of lodgements folder
  • Added back & <> % ZD 9288 to XML generation - caused an issue lodging Form 5602 with an "&" in the company name
  • Add TFN field in creditor custom data
  • web integration update IBAN, SWIFT, TFN data updated to creditor bank details
  • web claims used wrong account when adding new zero claims
  • Email text to Portal Contact updated to include a phrase where PODOwing and ROCAPOwing Amounts differ.



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