Banking Integation: Onboarding

To enable your software for internet banking you will need to follow these steps:

1. Upgrade your software to version 5.4.17 or higher

2. Complete an authorisation with your bank to enable data TXN files to be available

3. Complete a licencing agreement with Exalt Technologies for banking integration

4. Exalt technicians will ensure you are running the latest "insol data sync service" 

5. Configuration requirements

a. PracticeID (from the software) and customer number (from the bank) is set up on the bank web database

Exalt Technologies will be in touch to confirm your Customer number.

b. Update your APCA Ref in the software
Static Data Maintenance > Banks > Macquarie

c. Ensure each bank account properties are correctly configured:
- Select Bank
- Enter BSB
- Enter Account number




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