Banking Integration: A Bank feed summary is viewable from the software (Traffic lights)

Account listing

Banking integration allows you to see a snapshot of a reconciliation between the bank ledger and the bank account balance.


This gives you up-to-date bank balances, indicating which accounts are in balance using a traffic light system helping you to visualise the state of the bank account so you can keep control of funds you administer.

Traffic lights:

 mceclip1.png  Green means the bank balance and the ledger balance match up
 mceclip2.png  Amber means the bank balance and the ledger balance do not match up
 mceclip3.png  Red means data is not synchronizing. Contact your bank or check your account number.


Bank account register

The bank summary is also available from the account register:


Note: If there is one transaction for any of your accounts, it will update all account balances.

If none of your  accounts have any transactions on a given day then a bank file will not be added to the queue.

From the Practice

In the practice view you can see all your accounts across all jobs with the traffic light view.




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