Banking Integration: Upload file transaction status

Upload status

The upload status represents the status of a file that is uploaded to the bank.

You can view the upload/approval status of each entry at a glance from the bank account register:


The colour of the upload status indicates the following statuses:

Colour Explanation
Green Successfully processed. The payment has been approved and cleared from the bank
Purple Awaiting authorisation. The payment has been uploaded but not yet authorised online.
Red The transaction is invalid or stale. Identify the issue, remove the transaction from the current file and create another file for re-upload.
Broken Red The file contains some validation issues. Fix the issues and try again.


Audit history

By hovering your mouse over the status icon, you can view the audit history of the uploading workflow:


When the transaction is returned as "successfully processed by bank" the transaction’s "banked date" is updated.

The transaction status may be checked during the day or the status is automatically checked over night.



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