Banking integration: Uploading ABA and BPAY, sending files to the bank

Once a "Payment Upload Batch" has been prepared you may upload the file(s).

You may navigate to the batch several ways:

1. As a following on workflow from preparing the upload batch
2. Receiving an email advising you to upload files (there is a hyperlink in the email)
3. Navigating to the batch upload register


The "EFT Direct Upload" form appears:


To upload a file:

  1. Click select "Upload Now".
  2. Confirm Action

  3. Enter you Windows password

    This ensures you have not stepped away from your workstation.

    The file upload process commences.
    You have now successfully uploaded the file to online banking.

Successful uploads

Once the file is successfully uploaded the transaction will appear in online banking to be authorised and a green tick will appear in the "Uploaded" column.

An email form appears.


Select the authorised signatory or signatories and click "Send and Continue". This will send an email alerting the signatory to logon to internet banking.


If you have missed the the cutoff for bank transactions for the day you may future date the file processing date.

If an error or warning occurs an alert will appear in next to the "Status" column. This message is returned by the bank and explains why the file cannot be uploaded.


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