Banking Integration: Steps to create upload ABA and BPAY files

You may upload payment files from the software directly to the online banking platform from various parts of the system. You may upload from:

  • The bank account register in the job
  • From the Batch tab in the job
  • Centrally from the Practice

Upload files from the Job Bank account register

To upload a file from the bank account register:

  1. Open the bank account register

  2. Click the "EFT Outputs and Cheques" drop button from the toolbar


  3. Select "Create EFT Batch"

    The "Prepare EFT Batch for Upload" Form appears.


  4. Select the transactions on the left hand-side payments and use the arrow keys to move them into the right-hand side.

    The transactions on the right-hand side will be the payments upload to internet banking.


    If you want to future date transactions then you can enter the "Date for processing" as a future date. 

Filtering Transactions to include in the File Upload

You can also filter batches for this bank account by changing the list from transactions to batches. Click on the ellipsis next to batch(s) and select the batches you want to upload.


5. Click the "Submit for Upload" button

Two options are presented on the drop down:

  1. Submit the selected items to another user to upload
  2. Upload items totaling $x

You may separate permission to require a different user to prepare the file for upload and a separate user to upload the file. See bank upload permissions.


Submit authorisation to another user for upload

You will use this step if you have a separation of duties between the file creator and the file uploader.

If you select "submit the selected items to another user" an email will appear and the selected user will be alerted that a upload batch is ready for upload.

This is an example of the email, you can open the "Submit upload file" directly from this email:


Note: Options will appeared greyed out if you do not have permissions to perform each actions.

By clicking on the "local machine" link the software will open and allow the "Uploader" to upload the file. 

Uploading files

To upload files select "Upload items totalling $x". For the next step, see uploading files

Creating files from the Batch Tab in a Job

You can prepare multiple batches from different bank accounts held in the job at the same bank, for upload via the Batches tab.

You can include transactions from multiple accounts, batches etc in a single EFT batch. Move the entries you want to include over to the right-hand pane.

Click on Financials > Batches > EFT Uploads > New EFT batch


Either select the account or use All Accounts to display the transactions to be uploaded.


Uploading Files from the Practice (Centrally)

You can include entries from multiple jobs that belong to the same bank in a single EFT batch.


In the EFT batch,  select the Bank and all of the EFT entries belonging to that bank for all jobs in that practice will be listed. The Job, Account, EFT Type and Batch filters are to help filter the transactions further if there are lots of them.


Move the entries you want to include over to the right-hand pane.

See, the instructions above for submitting for upload.

Note: If Integrated Payments are not enabled for the bank then you will see different options for creating the file outputs to upload the ABA file. This is a manual upload process. Please refer to this article.



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