STP Error: At least one PAYEVNTTEMP child must be provided




This error indicates there wasn't any detail submitted in the STP submission for the date range of the submission..


Check the date range of the submission and make sure there are employee transactions in the date range from the start of the financial year to the end date of the submission.

STP Report

The Run the Employee STP Payment Summary Listing report will show the detail of the employee entries to be submitted for the date range and CAC.


Check the date range of the submission by clicking on the "Inputs" tab of the STP submission.



The CAC number is entered for a job type (See the Corporate info tab > BAS/STP). If the CAC is not entered correctly for the job type then this may be the cause of the error when submitting the STP. The CAC/Job type relationship is what detemines how the system selects the entries for submission.

The CAC should be entered in the Corporate Info tab under BAS/STP as eg 5 and not 005. And same when entering in the Inputs tab under STP


Click "Resubmit" and  start the resubmit process, change the inputs "Date payment made" and run through the process again.


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