Update 5.4.39 17 March 2020


This maintenance update is a database update only.  No updates to the workstation is required.  For instruction on updating the database, please refer to this knowledge base article Updating the database.

The maintenance script is available to download: here

What's been updated?

  • The receipts and payments summary account was incorrectly reporting witholdings against trading PAYG and super as payments not receipts. 
  • The batch detail listing report now includes fields for foreign currency amounts.
  • The fee resolution detail report has had a created date parameter added to the report output. 
  • Running the task listing report generated an error related to the aggregation of null values.  This has now been fixed.
  • The task listing by job was not correctly reporting tasks completed in the last x days.
  • Forms 5602 and 5603 were generating duplicate records in the remuneration section.




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