ARITA Corporate Templates Updates March 2020

ARITA Corporate Template updates dated 10 March 2020

Released 18 March 2020

ARITA updates dated 10 March 2020 are addressed in the ARITA_MT_Corporate_Templates_Updates_20200318 file.

Registered members of ARITA will receive an email with access codes to FTP site containing the files you will need to update your ARITA templates. An installation guide will also be available on the FTP site.

If you have created a custom copy of the ARITA templates you may need to manually adjust your copy. 

The below MYOB Insolvency version of these templates have been updated as described

ARITA Version Updates



22143 (VA) – Offences recoverable transactions and insolvent trading v2_0

Updated for creditor-defeating dispositions and related offences.

22144 (VA) – WP – VA Report Workpaper v4_0

Updated for creditor-defeating dispositions and related offences.

22145 (VA) – Annexures to VA Report Workpaper v3_0


Updated for creditor-defeating dispositions and related offences.

Note: This document may be useful for general investigations work as it provides detailed guidance on offences, recoverable transactions, insolvent trading and identifying the date of insolvency. A reference to this document has been included in the Investigations bolt-on checklist

25201 – WP – Investigations cheat sheet v3_0

Updated for creditor-defeating dispositions.


37930 (Court) – WP – Finalisations workpaper v3_1

Correction to footnote reference – from F 5063 to 5603.



I have made my own custom templates based on a system templates released earlier. Will I have to update my custom template manually?

Yes. Only the system templates are automatically updated with changes and given a new version number as per ARITA


I have linked a previous version system template to my task template. Will my task template link (Action) to the system template be updated so it produces the latest version of the template.

Yes. Changing the name of the (System or Custom) Template does not break the link to the original template saved in the Action tab.


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