Payment Approval Stages: A suggested approach - Manager Role


  • Receives batch approval notification
  • Ensures the payment is correct
  • Checks the account allocation and reviews coding
  • Approves this stage and sends an email to the next approval stage


The "Manager" approval stage is added to the Approval Workflow in the Application Settings.


Once you have implemented this workflow will affect all payments for the "applies to" type.

The security role that applies to this role (Static Data > Job Security Settings)


Rejecting the batch

None of the approval roles are able to change any details of the transactions during the approval stage. If there is an issue with the entry this will need to be returned to the start of the approval process (otherwise the approval process is compromised. See rejecting a batch payment.

Approving the batch

To approve a batch click "Authorise Now".


Send an email to the next approval stage

When clicking "Authorise Now" an email dialogue will pop up allowing you to select a user from the users who are authorised to approve the next approval stage.

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