Payment Approval Stages: A suggested approach - Authoriser (Partner / Signatory)


The partner/signatory will receive an email confirming that files have been uploaded.

See details of the email.

The email contains details of the payment, a link to the transaction as entered in the software, and the back information such as invoices.



Only licenced users with the "Authorise payments online" permission are available for selection in the email recipient list, although you don't need to be able to open the software to receive an email alert.


Online banking

The authoriser gives the transaction a final review by drilling down to the transaction details.

The authoriser then logs on to internet banking and "authorises" or "releases" the payment through internet banking.

Note: At this stage the transaction is already posted to the accounts.

Once the payment is released, the transfer status of the transaction will be updated to 'overnight (or immediately if someone polls for the status).

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