Creditors Portal Voting facility

The creditors’ portal voting  facility was developed with “proposals without meetings”, however a URL can be provided during an online meeting of any size that links to a voting resolution, like so:

Voting on the Portal


Pre-registered creditors or their proxies (having provided PODs or voting proofs) can vote once, in accordance with their claims.

The portal voting process allows a poll to be taken that give you a result in both value and number of creditor claims.

Creditors must enter their proof of debt (informal or formal)

Ask creditors to enter their proof of debt in advance of the meeting to allow them to vote.


Pre-adjudicate proofs and proxies before the meeting

Votes are submitted back to the software

Votes are submitted back to the software and automatically collated. The success of each resolution is determined in real-time and the results can be fed back to the meeting.



A report can be generated in line with the ASIC Form 5022 online lodgement process. The information on this report also assists in determining that a poll at a meeting has passed.


Update the resolution status

Open the meeting in Insol6. Click on Meeting Attendance > Update Results to Resolutions. Click OK. When you click back into the meeting details page the Resolutions tab should report the updated Status of each Resolution.


Online meeting software

We suggest running a meeting presentation using proprietary online meeting software (zoom, webex or MS Teams) which is designed to handle many attendees. This online meeting can show a link to our creditors’ portal voting section where creditors may enter their votes, if the meeting requires a poll to be taken.

We don't recommend any one online meeting software. Many of them can do a lot when it comes handling large numbers of attendees, working on multiple platforms like smart phones, sharing documents like power point presentations and sharing information, control access, moderating talking and taking questions.

 The current online meeting providers fall short in some areas, such as:

  • only allowing registered creditors to vote in a poll, but still allowing observers to attend the meeting without voting
  • counting the creditors votes on both value and number
  • preventing attendees from accessing the meeting on several different platforms and voting more than once
  • identifying related party creditors

Our creditors’ portal can fill the gap here.  

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