Update 5.4.40 5 May 2020


This maintenance update is a database and document template update only.  You are not required to update the workstation.

Your database must be version 2020.03 to run this database update.  The document template/certificate update can be applied to any version running 2018.07 or higher.

For instructions on updating the database, please refer to this knowledge base article Updating the database.

For instructions on updating the document templates, please refer to this knowledge base article Installing document templates.

The database maintenance script is available to download here.

The document templates update file is available to download here.

What's been updated in 5.4.40?

  • MYOB has issued new certificates for accessing their STP service.  The existing certificates will expire 10/5/2020. 

    To continue to utilise STP you will need to install the new certificates on or before 10/5/2020. 
    These are part of the document template update detailed above.  More information
  • Support has been added for JobKeeper payments and their reporting through STP.   More information here.
  • The lodgement listing report has been updated for the filters to return all BAS's and/or all statutory financial reports.  The report has also been updated to calculate the due date for forms 5602 and 5603 if the due date is not entered.
  • Under certain circumstances, not all users would be listed as email recipients when submitted a payment batch.  This issue has been resolved.
  • The GST rounding account was incorrectly set as a child account of the GST control account.   This incorrect relationship has been rectified.
  • Reporting manager and user filters have been added to the home page batch authorisation listings.
  • The creditor claims reports has had the counterparty or contact email address added to the report output.
  • The fees and costs transaction report was excluding some costs accounts under certain circumstances.  This issue has now been rectified.
  • The banking integration download processing improves performance and resolves an issue processing mulitple payloads for more than one day.accounts with the same account number resulting from the wider client roll-out.
  • This update also contains the latest available system rates.

What was updated in 5.4.39?

The 5.4.40 update includes all changes that were made in version 5.4.39. 


You do not need to install 5.4.39 if you are installing 5.4.40 now.

Detail of what was changed 5.4.39 can be found here. 



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