Working Example: Initial notification of appointment to banks

This example follows the document production process using a Counterparty Group to send a system generated email. 

The example used considers notifying a pre-configured list of banks and considers the task of closing pre-appointment accounts and putting a stop on bank accounts before any funds can be withdrawn or automated debits can be initiated immediately following appointment.

Setting up the document template

The document template


You may also configure the custom data source. On the "Contacts tab make sure you un-select "Show Existing Only". This will ensure that all bank counterparties show as available for selection not just the current job contacts.


Set up the bank Counterparties

Add or update a counterparty for each bank and set the Counterparty Type to "Banks".


Enter the address and/or email address in the number entry.


Each bank will be included in the list of recipients for the document production.

Document Production Steps

  1. Initiate document production from a task action

    You will most likely have a task action to initiate the document production wizard:


  2. Document Production Wizard: Output Options

    Once the DPW appears make sure the following action is set:


  3. Document Production Wizard: Select Recipients

    The "Job Contacts" tab appears and a list of banks appear.

    Make sure "Show Existing Only" is unselected and press "Select All".

  4. Document Production Wizard: Review Addresses

    The wizard displays the recipient addresses, showing a combination of emails and postal addresses, depending upon how the Counterparty has been set up.


  5. Document Production Wizard: Replace fields

    Ensure the replace fields are populated with the correct information:

  6. Review the Email


  7. Document Approval


    Send the document for approval by selected in the user for authorisation. See document authorisation.

    An example approval email is displayed here:


  8. Completing the document

    To complete, click "Finish" and tick "View in document management".

    The document is now created an email sent to the authoriser for approval.


  9. Sending the documents to the recipients

    The document will have a message for email recipients and a document for hard copy recipients. Once the document is authorised can be send

    Right-click the message a select the "Send Message" menu item. Follow the process for sending the email circular.

  10. Viewing the document recipients

    To view the document recipients:

    Locate the document in Document Management.
    Select "Document Properties"

    The document properties shows the document recipients and the sent date.



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