External DMS Integration - At a point in time documents are not automatically uploaded to the DMS


If the integration service stops working, you will see that at a point in time the service stops working and every new document is added with an error uploading to your DMS:


Firstly, make sure the InsolDataSync service is running. This will be characterised by a "service failed to respond" base article here.

This situation may be cuased by the user permissions that are running the InsolSyncData service. One of the following may have occurred:

  • The user password may have changed
  • The user account may have expired
  • The user account may have been disabled

The issue may be characterised by the error message reported to the document "Category not found".


If that is the case then the “Active Directory” administrators can change the user to have the following option enabled:

  • “password never expires”
  • “user cannot change password”
  • And disable: “account is disabled”

If the password has been reset then the InsolDataSync service running on the data sync server needs to be stopped and the “Run as” user needs to have the new password pasted into the ‘Services’ configuration.

To upload all the documents that were missed

To load all ‘missing’ documents and re-synchronise to your external DMS use the scan features in Insolvency.


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