Add new User to Insol6 Insolvency

Assuming you have enough spare licences to add a new user click on New >User from the icons at the top of the screen. The system will warn you if you do not have enough licences when you try to add a new one.

If you require additional licences please forward a request to our helpdesk via the Support button in the application or emailing


Complete the User card as per example below. The user will not be able to access the application if the windows login is not completed.


to save your new user details click the save icon at the top of the screen


The user will also need to be added to workteams, if workteams are used, with the appropriate roles.

From the Main Menu select Manage Static Data > Job Security Teams (you do need the correct permissions to access this area). 

Double click on the team you want to add the user to

Click on Add user

Tick the Users name. Tick the roles the user is to have for this workteam. Save and Exit.


The new user will be able to access all jobs this workteam is assigned to.




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