Sales and Invoicing Procedure

Prepare customer data

Information entered in Excel:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Number of users
  • Per User Cost
  • GST
  • Total
  • Maintenance paid monthly or quarterly 
  • Date of first direct debit

Prepare sales order

Populate the sales order with customer data. For clients transitioning from MYOB, make sure the amount direct debited matches what they were invoiced previously by MYOB.  

Output to signable pdf and attach direct debit form

Combine the first page of the sales order with the signable second page and direct debit form and output to pdf.

Save unsigned documents in client folder

Save the pdf document in the client folder located in Clients\AA insol6\Clients AUS

Email documents to clients

Email the document to the client and follow up after a week if they haven't returned the signed documents.

Once sales order and direct debit forms returned, saved documents in client folder

Once the forms have been returned save the signed sales order and direct debit forms in the client folder and specify in the name of the document that they have been signed.

Create new SplitPayments direct debit

Create a new contact in SplitPayments program and set up the direct debit details.  See other knowledge base article on how to do this.  

For existing clients already set up on SplitPayments, if they obtain additional licences make sure their direct debit amount is amended to reflect the additional licences.  Use Invoicing Excel spreadsheet to help calculate the amount of maintenance required for part months/quarters. 

Make sure that the invoicing date is split over two dates, 2nd and 5th of each month in case there is a problem with SplitPayments and we don't receive our money.

Prepare monthly or quarterly invoice and email to client

Send monthly/quarterly invoice to the client on 22nd of each month if the invoicing is monthly or 22nd of the final quarter month.  Make sure any adjustments are made to invoices for any increases or decreases in licences.

Save a pdf copy of the invoices in Clients\AA Invoice outputs by financial year.

Reconciliation of direct debit receipts

Reconcile receipts on the 4th and 7th of each month.  Stop the direct debits due to be taken out on the 5th if payment for the 2nd have not been remitted by SplitPayments.  These will need to be reconciled in the accounting program.

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