Software enhancements release 2020.10

Balance Transfer Journals

An application setting relating to transition journals has been created.  When enabled, a transition journal narration will report the transfer of cash at bank/on hand between job stages as "Cash at bank/on hand on appointment".   Currently the narration states "Transfer from <Appointee type>".  This application setting is not exposed in the user interface and is not turned on by default.  Please contact support if you would like this option enabled.

Bank Account Reconciliations

A warning has been added to the bank account reconciliation process.  If the reconciliation is finalised and the system detects the existence of any unposted entries on or before the reconciliation date, an amber warning will be given.

The reconciliation report now has an option to append a list any unposted transactions on the report.

BAS and STP Lodgements

All lodgements in document management now display an "Is lodged" tick box.  Double clicking on this tick box will display the lodgement details including the STP and BAS responses from the ATO.

Counterparty Search

The Counterparty search allows for searching on Counterparty ID and ABN. See help on Counterparty search for details.

The Counterparty search now displays the Counterparty ID in the address pane of the search results.

Document Approvals

The ability to view the recipients for a document has been added to the authorisation and despatch tasks.  Right hand click on a document in the list and select the recipients option from the popup menu.

Document Template Editing

Previously when editing a system document template through Manage Document Templates, the system would not allow you to open the template through the user interface.  Now the system will allow you to open the template with a warning that any changes you make may be overwritten when the template is next updated.

Forms 5602 and 5603

In the 2019.07 system update, the job short name was removed from the file name of the XML lodgement output file.  An application setting has been added to restore the short name if required.  Please contact support if you require this option enabled.

The gross asset realisations value in the Form 5602 was previously rounding to the nearest whole dollar.  This value is now rounded down to the nearest whole dollar.

Jobkeeper Extension

Insol6 has been updated for the recent JobKeeper extension.  More information here.

Job Maintenance

A new permission has been added to permit making a job active or inactive.  Previously this required the job - transition permission.  Any roles that had the transition permission have been granted the make active and make inactive permission.

Job search by ABN

To search a job by ABN, use the syntax ABN:<ABN>.  For example type ABN:12345678901 to search for a job with that ABN entered into corporate information.  Entering a shorter number will search for all jobs with an ABN like the number entered. 

Receipts and Payments Entry

An application setting has been added relating to the splitting of batches.  This setting can be turned on in Manage Application Settings --> Approval Workflow > Batch Options.  When turned on, any batch that is split out will remain at the same authorisation stage as the batch it has been split out from.  This option is not turned on by default.


Account transaction detail listing

Page breaks have been removed from the "Account transaction detail listing" report and an option to produce the report with page breaks has been added to the report wizard.

Account transaction listing

The "Account transaction listing" report has had opening balances added.

Unposted batch report

The "Unposted batch report" includes the full name of the job, the job's status and the batch date.

Fees and costs transaction listing

The "Fees and costs transaction listing with GST" report has fields TotalTax and TotalIncTax added.

Added Practice reports

These reports are available:

  • Debtors by bankruptcy anniversary month (Excel) under Practice Reports > Bankruptcy Returns
  • Counterparty transaction search. Under Practice Reports > Counterparty Transactions

Security - Make jobs inactive / reactivate

New security actions have been added restricting the ability of users to either make jobs inactive or to re-activate them.

Single Touch Payroll

The STP submit form has been updated to present all CACs entered into corporate information as a drop down selection which also details the job type the CAC relates to.  Previously the user had to manually type in the CAC.

The STP will also now validate whether duplicate CAC's have been entered into corporate information and will prevent the submission from proceeding until each job type has a unique CAC entered into corporate information.

The set up of employee allowances now more closely match the ATO's reporting method.  Please refer to this article for more information.

User Record

The user record now only displays active job security roles for the user.  Previously, roles linked to inactive jobs would also be displayed.



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