Setting up task filter views

Task filters may be set up to create views of tasks you may wish to monitor.

This example explains how to set up a new filter for the system task group - Lodgements (Form 524).

Tasks should be set up with the same unique task group.

1. Create a filter by choosing Task Filters and clicking on the <New Filter> tab:

You will be prompted to add a filter name.

2. Entering the filter name

Enter a unique filter name in the New filter dialogue.

A new tab is created.

4. Specify the filter details

Under the new tab, from the Task Group drop-down option, select the system group ”Lodgements (Form 524)”:

The filter will now display tasks belonging to the selected group.

5. Task Reports

Now, when you produce a task report from the selected filter, the task reports will apply the selected filter.

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