Report on Company Activities and Property (ROCAP) - Data filled

The software outputs has been designed to add efficiency into the ROCAP workflow by allowing the whole process (from preparation to director authorisation) electronically.

When sending the ROCAP to a director the process is summarised as follows:

  1. Import data
    Complete this step only if you're preparing the annexures on behalf of the director.
  2. Prepare the ROCAP documents (populated with replace fields)
  3. Email/Send the relevant documents to the director for review and signing
  4. The director reviews and returns digitally signed documents
  5. Combine the output documents into PDFs
  6. Uploading to ASIC's registered Liquidator Portal

New Forms Templates

Download the new system document templates from:

username: Rocap.Docs
password: Ins0lvency!

Preparing the documents

To prepare the ROCAP:

1. From the Circulars and Mailings Menu or from Director Notices reports.

Select The ROCAP letter pack:

The document production wizard appears.

2. Complete the Input Form

The "RATA Received Date" is a previous a system field (you can leave this blank if this date is unknown).

3. Click Next.

The list of output document appears.

4. Click Next 

You are ready to complete the wizard. 

5. Click Preview Documents

6. Click Finish

The documents are now created. 

Lodging the ROCAP 

There may be several variations for the ROCAP lodgement process. The following process considers where the insolvency practitioner prepares the ROCAP schedules and a director reviews and signs the forms:

1. Prepare ROCAP Document pack

2. Send the entire document pack to the director.

3. The director will review the documents, digitally sign and return.


What are the different parts of the ROCAP?

The ROCAP is separated into Part A, Part A Schedules, Part B and Part B schedules:

Part A - This form is a editable PDF document that is prepopulated with data. This form is lodged with ASIC through the ASIC liquidators' portal.

Part A Schedules - The schedules contain:

a) a header PDF document that contain the header totals and may be digitally signed by the director.

b) Detailed spreadsheets that are pre-populated with data.

The ROCAP documents are completed by the director, the PDFs signed and returned.

Combine the output documents into PDFs

The insolvency practitioner will record the Received Date, convert the detail schedules to PDF and then lodge.

The documents that need to be combined for lodging are:

  • Part A
  • Part A - Schedules (after they're signed)

This part of the form is lodged with ASIC through the ASIC liquidators' portal.

The Part B documents are completed by the director and kept on file.










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