Document Production Control: Requesting authorisation and authorising documents

There are several ways you can deal with document authorisation.

You may authorise documents:

  • as part of document production
  • following document production as an approval step

During Document production

The operation of document authorisation will be determined by your permissions.

If you do not have permission to authorise documents, when producing documents using the document production wizard ("DPW"), and document authorisation is turned on, you will be presented with the option to "Request authorisation":



Authorise Now

If you have permission to authorise a document, then you will be able to authorise a document when you are creating the document. The "Authorise Now" button will be automatically highlighted allowing you to authorise the current document(s).

The document approval permission is displayed below (Job Security Settings).

Further authorisation steps are not required.

Request Authorisation

If you do not have permission to approve a document, and you require the document(s) to be authorised, you can select "Request Authorisation".

A list of users with document authorisation permissions will be listed on the left-hand side of the document approval form.


If a user with "Document - Authorise" permissions is not listed on the user list then, either they do not have permission to approve or they may do not have an email address in their user record.

Select the user that will be authorising the document(s). 

Once you Finalise the document production wizard, the system creates an email to the selected approver. A document approval task will be created and sent to this user with a link to the document(s) for approval and this task is assigned to the selected user.

Note: It is important to understand that the authorisation is attached to the Document not any tasks that may be created to facilitate authorisation. 

Also see "Despatching Documents".


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