Document Production Control: Sending a document for authorisation

When document authorisation is are enabled, there are several ways to create document authorisations:

  1. During the document production wizard ("DPW") a separate page will appear that allows you to create the authorisation step.

    This is pictured below:


  2. Review the document first

    You may complete the DPW without sending the request for authorisation and then subsequently send the authorisation task.

    You may want to do this so you may first review the document(s) before sending.

    To send a document for authorisation

    Any document under document management may be sent for authorisation. To send for authorisation:

    a) Right-click on a document and select "Authorise / Request Authorisation".


    b) The "Authorise or Make Authorisation request" dialogue appears.

    c) Click "OK" to send the Authorisation request.





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