Document Production Control: (Summary)

The insolvency software allows you to manage the document authorisation process.

The steps for document control are as follows:

  • Output
  • Review
  • Authorisation
  • Despatch


See the document production knowledge base category for assistance on document output.


When you output documents you may choose to review as part of document production or you may review them before sending for approval.

See: Reviewing documents

Sending documents for authorisation

As part of the authorisation process you may use emails to alert users to approval tasks. The software uses it's own separate authorisation software to present authorisations to users.

 Sending documents for authorisation


The software records a document authorisation audit history. Certain features of document management are restricted before documents are approved (such as portal publishing).  

See: Document authorisation

Following document authorisation you may send documents for despatch.

See: Sending a document to another user for authorisation.


Document despatch includes, document output, managing despatch from tasks, inserting signatures, merging, converting documents to PDF and sending.

See: Document Despatch.

Document Properties

The authorisation history is displayed in the document properties.

Document authorisation emails

At various stages during document production, emails are sent to person required to deal with the next stage of document production.

See: Using emails for document authorisation and despatch.

Also see:

Enabling Document authorisation and setting up user permissions for document authorisation

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