Connecting to an MS Azure insolvency database using the software

Initiating an MS Azure database connection

Here is how you connect a local workstation install to an Azure insolvency database:

1. Navigate to the UDLConnector EXE

This is located in the insolvency application directory usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\Insol6\Insolvency\


2. Run the Connector EXE

The UDL Connector appears:


A select file dialogue box appears. Navigate the the UDL file.

3. Select the provided "azure.udl" file

The connection details are populated.


Complete the password details.

4. Click "Connect and Run"

The software will now open and be connected to your Azure database.

Opening the application 

Using the UDL Connector is a one-time connection process.  Going forward, when you open the software the software remember the database connection details and automatically connects to the MS Azure database.


You will need a user added in the software to allow you to login.



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