BAS Lodgement: Using myGovID

From 27 March 2020 all electronic BAS lodgements will need to be authenticated with the ATO's myGovID. To use the myGovID you will need to upgrade to the latest Insol 6 software.

Note: Once you upgrade you cannot use your AUSKey any longer.

Create your identity

The steps to set up your myGovID visit the ATO site

The steps require you to:

  • Create a digital identity
  • Link your identity to your practice ABN
  • Authorise Others
  • Download the M2M keystore xml file

A common issue can be ensuring the ATO recognises your identity is linked to your practice ABN. Proving that you have the right to link your credentials to your practice and consequently to the jobs your practice controls may be resolved by calling the ATO help desk for myGovID on 1300 287 539 and confirming and providing details on your identify.

M2M Credentials

The software uses machine-to-machine (M2M) credentials to authenticate the MyGovID. This process involves downloading a new keystore.xml file to replace the Auskey file. You must have the correct rights to submit BAS under using this new keystore.

You will need to download a new M2M file from the ATO relationship authorisation manager and ensure an internet browser add-on is configured using a Chrome or Firefox browser. 

It is worth watching the following ATO video Installing the machine credential is discussed at 3:26 on the video.

See the screenshots for creating the M2M credential. Make sure your myGovID allows all new machine credentials to have auto access to business appointments.

See instructions below on “managing permissions”.

New keystore

Once you have downloaded the new keystore file it will be located in your user AppData folder. You can access this folder by typing %AppData%\ATOMAS into Windows explorer.


BAS Wizard - Re-link the job to the new credential

To connect your myGovID credential:

  1. Run the BAS Wizard
    Using electronic BAS via SBR (Note: click < Back if BAS not set to SBR).

  2. Select the credential file

  3. Locate the keystore folder
  4. Enter your myGovID password

    The myGovID is now linked.

Note: If you have an issue with permission access at this point

Make sure before you download the myGovID keystore that:

  • A person with the appropriate authority will need to log on to Access Manager at using MyGovID;
  • Go to “manage permissions”
  • Review the new “device/machine” authorisation types and allow all new machine credentials to have auto access to business appointments.

If you do not have the option for managing permissions you will need to ring the ATO on 1300 287 539 and complete their requirements for becoming an authorised user for this feature.

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