2020.03 Release Files

Note: The prerequisite for version 2020.03 is version 2019.07

If you are currently running version 2019.07, You are ready to upgrade to version 2020.03!

Downloading the release files:

The release files for version 2020.03 can be downloaded from here.

Files included in this release:

This zip file contains the database upgrade script to upgrade your version from 2019.07 to 2020.03.   For detailed instructions see updating your database.
Merge_Templates_2020_03.zip This zip files contains the document template upgrades.  For detailed instructions see installing document templates.
WorkstationSetup_2020_03.exe (or *.msi) These exe or msi files upgrade your workstation.  Use the exe file for attended installations or the msi file for unattended installations.  For detailed instructions see installing the workstation software.


If you're currently running an older version 2019.03:

The script to update your database from version 2019.03 to 2019.07 can be downloaded from this location  You do not need to download this file if you are already running version 2019.07.

The document templates for release 2019.07 can be downloaded from this location.  You do not need to download this file if you are already running version 2019.07.

You do not need to upgrade your workstations to version 2019.03.

Note: If you're running an earlier version that 2019.03, please contact product support for further instructions.

Note: If you're a 5.4 beta client you will need to contact support for a specific upgrade path.


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