Connection Notes for MS Azure sites

Connection notes for MS Azure Sites:


A database connection can be made through MS Management Studio using the servername, port and supplier SQL user name and password.

You will need access through MS Management Studio to update the database for upgrades.


  1. Allow the external IP on Azure

    1. Find out your external IP

      Type “What’s my external IP” into any internet browser.

    2. In the Azure Portal go to Firewall in the SQL Server set up and allow your external IP
  2. Install the software on your local machine

    The software download is available on the support website
  3. Add a user to the Insol 6 software
  4. Use the UDL Connector to connect to the Azure database
  5. Pin the software to the Taskbar

    Once the software has been opened with the correct connection and is running, click on the taskbar icon and select “Pin”.

    When you open the software the software remembers the Azure connection.

Templates and documents:

There are several ways to connect to an MS Azure document store, here is one:

  1. Map a drive on your machine

    Run a provided powershell script to run a drive map
  2. Ensure your computer’s external IP address is added to the Azure Firewall if using IP Blocking
  3. Trusting external document paths

    The trusted site set up is also mentioned here:

Blocked ports

If you have further issues connecting new locations, then this powershell scripts will assist you to ensure ports 1433 (SQL) and 465 (are unblocked).

# test port connection for Database
Test-NetConnection -ComputerName -Port 1433

If the ports are blocked:

  1. Check your local machine's Windows firewall settings
  2. Check you modem's firewall settings
  3. Check your service provider's allowable IP settings


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