External Document Management Systems (DMS) - How the integration works

See the introduction here.

Job enabled

When the DMS integration is turned on and the job is enabled for "Ext DMS", any document that is created from or added to insolvency will be automatically transferred to the DMS system.

Windows service

A background windows services watches the insolvency database for documents that are ready to upload. The service makes sure the document is not locked and uploads the document to the DMS. 

Opening documents after upload

Once the document is successfully uploaded the service updates the insolvency database with a reference to the uploaded document in the DMS, so when opening the document, the insolvency software first opens the DMS and takes you to the document. Once successfully uploaded, the document is removed from the client folders so only the DMS copy shall exist.


If there is an error is adding the document to the DMS, the insolvency document will show the error either at the time the document is attempted to be uploaded or the error is accessible by clickng the red exclamation mark next to the document.

Errors include:

  • the job short name doesn't match a CM9 client,
  • the job folder uses a mapped drive,
  • the service has stopped

A full list of errors are documented and searchable. The error list can be found here.

The document upload status 

The different document upload statuses are displayed below:


  1. Not yet uploaded
  2. Error uploading (double-click on the exclamation mark to see details of the error, search for the error details)
  3. Upload in progress (refresh to update status)
  4. Successfully uploaded (note: the URL path to the document)




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