External DMS Integration - Document Attributes

As the DMS integration is an unattended service (i.e. occurring in the background without user interaction), documents added to the DMS acquire DMS attributes based on Insolvency attributes.

Document Name:
The name of the file or document in the files system becomes the name of the document in the DMS.

Job / client mapping (short name):
The Insolvency "short name" is used to match with the DMS client code to identify which client the document is assigned to. The insolvency short name is unique. If the insolvency short name does not a DMS client an error will be recorded when uploading a file.

Document Category classifications, sub-classifications:
The document classification and sub-classification are inherited from the first two levels of the document folders.

Fail over classifications:
When a document category does not match then the software will use a fallback category. this is configured for each site.

Key words is not populated unless requested as part of the implementation. 

Default document folder structure:
When a job is created a new folder structure is created for each job. The default document structure is copied from the following location:

The default folder structure should match the DMS classifications.

System document categories:
The below document categories are automatically created. We can configure alternative folder names is required to match with DMS classifications.

"File Notes"
"Archive Boxes"
"Lodgements\PAYG Payment Summaries\ETP"
"Lodgements\PAYG Payment Summaries\INB"





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